March 25, 2018

At PIRAIKI METALS SA, we are driven by our commitment to always do the right thing for our clients, our people and our communities. We are committed towards social economical and environmental impact and strive for sustainability across every function, including sourcing and procurement.
So , we PIRAIKI METALS ,through supplier selection ,we are favoring suppliers that:


• Reduce their environmental footprint through: conservation of resources ,reducing the energy and water consumption ,reduce the impact of deliveries ,waste minimization

Labor and Human Rights

• Comply with all applicable laws, in accordance with the principles of the International Labor Organization, the UN Global Compact and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
• Prohibit slavery and the use of forced, bonded, or child labor across the supply chain
• Prohibit unlawful discrimination and harassment to provide a safe and inclusive work environment

Business Ethics

• Obey all relevant international and domestic laws regarding ethical business practices
• Demonstrate existence of procedures to prevent: fraud, bribery, corruption ,conflicts of interest ,data security issues

We understand that procurement performance improvement is a continuous process and recognize the contribution of our suppliers in our journey to become more sustainable.