March 8, 2018

Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations

Piraiki Metals requires that all employees, officers and directors comply with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to the business. Everyone in the company are expected to use sound judgment and common sense to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Conflicts of Interest

Employees, officers and directors must act in the best interests of the Company. You must refrain from engaging in any activity or having a personal interest that presents a "conflict of interest." It is your responsibility to disclose any transaction or relationship that reasonably could be expected to give rise to a conflict of interest.


Employees, officers and directors must maintain the confidentiality of confidential information entrusted to them in their capacity with Piraiki Metals. Unauthorized disclosure of any confidential information is prohibited. Additionally, employees should take appropriate precautions to ensure that confidential or sensitive business information, whether it is proprietary to the Company or another company, is not communicated within the Company except to employees who have a need to know such information to perform their responsibilities.

Honest and Ethical Conduct and Fair Dealing

Employees, officers and directors should deal honestly, ethically and fairly with the Piraiki metals’s suppliers, customers, competitors and employees. Statements regarding the Company's products and services must not be untrue, misleading, deceptive or fraudulent. You must not take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts or any other unfair-dealing practice.

Protection and Proper Use of Corporate Opportunities

Employees, officers and directors must advance the Company's legitimate interests when the opportunity to do so arises. You must not take for yourself personal opportunities that are discovered through your position with the Company or the use of property or information of the Company.

Accuracy of Books and Records and Public Reports

Employees, officers and directors must honestly and accurately report all business transactions. Accurate information is essential to the Company's ability to meet legal and regulatory obligations.