PIRAEUS METALS SA due to  its policy on product quality and safety  is committed to meet  the following requirements:

  • The products offered by the company meet a minimum quality level, which is determined by the safety requirements set by the current National and European legislation.
  • The products and services it offers are reliable, high quality and above all safe.
  • Takes all necessary measures to combat feed fraud
  • The products meet the special requirements of the customers
  • Performs orders quickly and without errors
  • Offers competitive prices and after-sales service.
  • It is constantly and adequately informed about technological developments and uses modern know-how to manufacture its products.

Objectives can be met if the company's management and staff implement and improve the Security and Quality Management System, which is in line with the GMP PLUS and ISO 9001: 2015 standards and the FAMI QS. In this direction, the Management of the company will have all the necessary measures and means required.

The implementation and development of this Policy requires:

  1. The full information of the personnel for the Security and Quality Policy and the objectives of the company.
  2. Understanding and implementing the Security and Quality Management System.
  3. The cooperation and coordination of all those involved in the company's processes, so that the final product meets the safety and quality requirements.
  4. Utilization of existing know-how and its expansion.
  5. The continuous training of staff taking into account the accumulated experience, market demands, as well as technological developments.
  6. Creating an open channel of communication with customers so that all messages are received positively or negatively about the products.
  7. The continuous reduction of errors and omissions in the products produced.
  8. Ensuring the appropriate resources (materials and human resources), such as a suitable and safe work environment and continuous training of staff, in order to achieve the maximum possible result in the products produced.
  9. The continuous effort to improve the quality characteristics of the products and the efficiency and effectiveness of the Processes through the monitoring of indicators and the establishment of objectives.

One of the main goals is zero tolerance in the presence of chemical hazards in the manufactured trace elements intended for use in animal feed production.

This Policy and Product Safety and Quality Objectives are audited and reviewed through administrative review as needed.

The Management of the company is committed to the provision of the required resources in order to ensure the implementation of the Security and Quality Management System, and the satisfaction of the commitments of this Policy.